At MaxLife IV, we want to make sure you can get in and started with your treatment as easily as possible. If you have questions regarding your treatment, we are more than happy to help you find the answers. Our FAQ page is a great place to start. Look through these questions to see if your answer is here. Still need help? Reach out to a member of our clinical staff.

How long will my IV treatment take?

In general most visits take less than 60-70 minutes in total, door-to-door. Some of our more intensive treatments (like NAD+) can take 2-4 hours because of our industry standards for efficacy and safety.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately insurance companies, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, view these treatments as elective and non-essential, so they do not cover them. They still won’t recognize the financial benefits of the pursuit of wellness, utilizing holistic approaches, or food/nutrients as medicine. We think they will eventually see the health and financial benefits these provide, but for now, no such luck. You should be aware our treatments are usually far less costly than most copays of an urgent care center or an ER visit. Also, some health plans and health savings accounts may reimburse for services if requested. We can provide you a form to submit to your health plan provider if you wish.

Do you accept FSA?

Of course. Just use your FSA/HSA card to complete the payment process when you arrive. It is your money to spend on your health care choices. We are happy you chose us to provide your hydration services.

Is there a health screening before my treatment?

Absolutely. When you are at MaxLife IV your provider will review your medical questionnaire including any prescribed medications, over the counter substances, and social habits. They will ask any pertinent questions necessary before helping you decide what treatment option(s) are best for you. 

Who can get an IV?

Almost anyone can receive these treatments. We don’t treat patients under the legal age of 18 (so please bring your ID if you have an extra youthful appearance to maintain). There are certain medical conditions where fluids and/or certain ingredients are not appropriate. Our medical provider will review your medical history, medications, and allergies with you at your visit. First and foremost we will ensure the treatment plan is right for EACH individual. We treat pregnant women, but only after they receive approval for treatment infusions from their obstetrician. We are happy to consult with anyone’s other medical providers at any time during your infusion care with us.

What is in my IV treatment bag?

The physician will choose and adjust your regimen based on your symptoms or desired results to provide you with the most appropriate solution, nutrients, vitamin supplements, and occasional medications. You can see the list of possible infusion “ingredients” in the Our Menu section of our website. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are mixed into a bag of normal saline or lactated ringers for infusions.  A few of our treatments are provided as IV ‘pushes’, which are delivered in a smaller volume of liquid into your IV. These are all obtained from our industry leading pharmacy vendor and handled according to FDA and CDC standards for sterility, safety, and efficacy. We also offer the IV medications Zofran for nausea, Toradol for pain and anti-inflammatory action, and Pepcid for heartburn and stomach acid issues.

How often can I get IV treatment?

Many factors such as amount of physical activity, nutritional status, sleep quality, and levels of stress determine the frequency of needed treatment. The basic answer is almost as often as you want to, but we don’t recommend or provide excessive or unnecessary treatment for anyone. We will LISTEN to what you want to achieve and customize your regimen to that. We have found that patients most commonly prefer 10 – 14 days between treatments. Many hardcore infusion enthusiasts book weekly appointments. Some of the more advanced therapies require infusions several days in a row.  Some people only present intermittently for acute treatment of things like jet lag, hangovers, or post workout recovery. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here. The more toxins you have built up through stress and exposure, the higher your energy replacement needs, and the more aggressive approach desired equals higher frequency of visits – it is entirely up to you. How healthy and proactively prepared for life do YOU want to be?

Are there any side effects during or after my treatment?

Beyond the usual fantastic healthy feeling following infusion therapies, IV therapies are universally well-tolerated and any potential negative side effects are temporary and minor. Occasionally patients develop warm or cool feelings in the arm receiving the fluids. Rare light headed feelings can occur.  Slowing down the rate of infusion typically resolves these minor issues. Blood sugar can be decreased, so eating food 1-2 hours before your infusion is recommended. Minor skin bruising at the site of IV insertion is not uncommon. Our trained professionals are skilled in managing any adverse issues if they ever arise.

Does IV therapy hurt?

Usually patients describe IV access as a minor “pinch”, so it certainly isn’t bad. We always use a numbing cream with three anesthetic agents combined to make the experience even more comfortable (especially for you ‘needle-phobes’ out there wanting treatment). We use small bore IVs as well because we don’t require high flow infusion rates like in an ER setting.

Is IV therapy safe?

Yes. IV therapy is extremely safe. All of our staff members are certified and experienced at initiating IV access. We are highly trained and knowledgeable about this particular delivery of care. We always follow aseptic procedures with our procedures and sterile precautions with our ingredient vials and pharmaceuticals. First, do no harm; we take that very seriously.

Do you do private parties or offer group rates?

We do provide treatment for private gatherings, large and small. Depending upon the size of that private group, special discounts may be available. We will discuss providing services in almost any setting as long as our expected safety and efficacy can be maintained. Additional fees may be required for certain arrangements. Call and ask for our clinical director to discuss your options.

Who will perform my IV?

All of our IV access procedures are performed by our certified medical assistants or your provider.  Each of these individuals have extensive training and experience in IV access skills. You are in good hands.

Do I need to make an appointment or can I just drop in?

Because of the popularity in our treatments, we require appointments booked in advance. Please feel free to call and inquire because we most frequently can get patients in on the same day. We know you have busy schedules and your time is important, so we have progressively streamlined the infusion process thereby taking less of your valuable time. YOU can make it even faster if you fill out our initial medical questionnaire before coming to see us.

Do you offer customized treatments not listed on your website?

Many infusion ‘ingredients’ are indeed available for customization. Not all ingredients can be mixed together, so many customized requests require some delivered by infusion and the rest by IV push after the main infusion is completed. Our professional providers will be happy to discuss any custom treatments with you at any time, and our Director of Clinical Development physician can even discuss it with you by phone ahead of time.

Do you offer memberships or packages?

Yes. We have several options for membership packages. These are found here. You will also be provided that information at the time of your consultation. At MaxLife IV your membership pays for itself every month (and more). Our members become like part of our extended family.  We enjoy being an integral part of their vim/vigor/vitality MaxLife!  Be sure to ask about our bulk discounts on booster therapies like Bug Buster, Fat Fighter, Energize, and Sunshine Shot. We also offer great savings on gift infusion treatments and gift memberships.

How much does IV therapy cost?

The cost of IV infusion therapy varies based on what treatment options you pursue and how frequently you desire the healthful infusions. You should note that our average cost typically falls well below standard out of pocket expenses for ER and urgent care visits. Most infusion patients gladly exchange whatever their expense is for the enhanced health and well-being they gain and experience from them. Try your first infusion therapy and we think you’ll find that you agree with that statement.

How quickly will I see positive results from my IV treatment?

Most people see results quickly (even a few hours) with mild improvements initially and increasing visits with subsequent treatments. Some treatments require progressively increasing doses of the vitamins and nutrients to prepare the body for full dose treatments.

How long do the positive effects of my treatment last?

Research and experience in this field demonstrates most patients receiving these therapies have benefits lasting anywhere from 7 or 8 days to 3 weeks, depending on the various clinical and stress-related factors being addressed. As patients become progressively more healthy from infusions and ensuing wellness lifestyle changes, they describe the benefits as lasting longer and needing less frequent infusions.

Are results guaranteed?

Every person’s metabolism and toxin loads are different. Although we’d love to provide a satisfaction guarantee, measuring results is purely subjective for each individual, and we can’t guarantee a non-measurable outcome. What we can guarantee is that we use only FDA certified substances from our industry leading commercial vendor and many years of cumulative medical experience in IV therapy.

Is my membership transferable?

Yes. Your membership at MaxLife IV will be honored by any other MaxLife location. No exclusions.  Period.