What Is IV Therapy?

MaxLife IV is a trusted and dedicated IV Therapy provider. We are here to help you understand the benefits of IV therapy, and get you started on living your best, most productive, and best feeling life. Part of that is helping you understand what IV therapy is, and then we can get to how this revolutionary treatment can help you. If you are ready to start living a better life use our online form to book your visit.

The What

IV stands for intravenous. This refers to delivering fluids, medicine, and/or nutrients directly into a patients bloodstream. IV therapy, or IV drips, are an exceptionally efficient way of delivering needed vitamins, minerals, and medicine into your system. While you may be familiar with IV’s in a hospital setting, outpatient IV therapy offers those that are looking to supplement their active lifestyles a way of quickly absorbing needed nutrients to help them be their best selves.

The How

This is the easy part. All you need to do to start augmenting your lifestyle is schedule your appointment with MaxLife IV. Our expertly trained staff will help you choose the infusion that fits your needs, and get you in and out in about an hour. There are some treatments that may take longer, but offer specialized benefits that require more of a time commitment on the patients part. You can check out all of the options we have available here.

The Why

IV therapy is a safe, effective way to give your body the nutrients it needs directly into your bloodstream. MaxLife IV’s are a painless procedure and have been a staple of medical practices for over 100 years. IVs provide us with the single best means of administering the necessary nutrients throughout the body quickly.  The benefits of IVs are numerous. For example, some vitamins like vitamin C must be taken in large doses for optimum benefit causing nauseous symptoms and vomiting. With IVs, this can be circumvented, and vitamin C can be administered in more substantial, healthier amounts directly into body.  Oral administration for vitamins and minerals is most common but also not very useful. When medication or vitamins are taken orally, their potency is significantly reduced. Vitamins, for example, might not be fully absorbed, if at all.  With intravenous fluids the vitamin and mineral absorption is guaranteed and the net benefits are felt once the IV is administered.

IV therapy offers you chance to be the best version of yourself in as little as an hour. It is truly a no brainer for those patients that are craving to unlock their potential and start living the way they were meant to. Find an office location near you. You can book your visit online as well.